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What an AMAZING story on your radio program today! Allison’s inspiring story and foundation is such a blessing and “proof” that there is that of God (Spirit or however one expresses the I AM) in every person. Plus, it was a reminder that there’s more to what’s happening than what our eyes see. Thanks for continuing to bring these experiences to the world.


I just found your show and listened to several episodes while driving today. I was just wondering if you could give us an update on Stephanie Jones and her search for a kidney donor. Thanks and keep up the great work!


Being on your show was so much fun and a real inspiration for me! Thanks for all the love you share with so many!!


Beverly , you have been one constant in my life during my entire tenure in Atlanta. And the consistency of being such a powerful Spiritual force in Atlanta and in my life. You have always welcomed me with such great love and warmth. Thank you. Your affirmative prayers are truly priceless! I am honored and humbled to call you a friend. Many blessing to you!


I’m all settled in my new city and things have finally calmed down. Thank you for the time when you really reached out and helped me. Mentally, I was not in a good place in my life and it seemed like after we talked, I was able to pull myself out of it. You truly are a blessing Beverly! I felt extremely refreshed after we talked and my attitude on life became a lot more positive and opening, and I have you to thank for it!


I read most your rework on the business plan. You did a masterful job with it; you’ve turned a “dog’s breakfast” into a well written document.


Thanks for pointing me to your excellent web page!
Many of my favorite people are there.


I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your book and the wonderful paintings in the book.
I have looked at them and I turned those paintings upside down, sideways, and I really have enjoyed reading the book and looking at the paintings. I will read the book and look at the paintings many times to come. In my wallet fell out your card, Affirmative Prayer — Activating the Power of YES so I’m doing that by saying Thank You to you!


wow..thank you SOOO much…hearing a message like the one you just sent me is ALWAYS a welcomed one and one that I want to send back to you too as far as sharing the sentiment that you are also meant for bigger and better things such as this.  you are a lovely person…i mean that wholeheartedly.


I am so glad I had my transformational illness last year. It has changed my life and given me a focus about what I am doing on the planet that I have never had. You have been a great part of me figuring that out and I am grateful beyond words.

I am back home and hope to make your calls more regular now. I love you Bevy. You are such a bright star in my life.


Thank you for another great show. And that treatment…wow. Oh Beverly, I’m such a huge fan and I am so appreciative of all you do. Thank you.


Thanks Beverly…so grateful for you and your insight. Thanks for being a light in my world.


I’m sending you a friend request after listening your show today on Unity. I am a regular listener and wanted you to know that I listen to you and have gained so much;  just wanting to thank you.


This show has been amazing from day one. It’s not only blessing you, it’s blessing so many others who you don’t even know about.

(former client)

Hello Beverly,

You are one busy lady.I love hearing,reading and watching all that you do.You are going have one busy prayer line in the weeks to come…and probably a few new “nextsteppers” too. A Master Mind group member mentioned she was going to be working with you.It was a perfect leadin for me to say” Yes Yes Yes if you want direction and clarity Beverly is the one for you.And she’s fun too.Also her affirmative prayer line thursday nites,awesome thing”

….This would be where I would really appreciate your help;writing the script,the pitch.I love your sense of humor.And you have the experience to know what will fly where and with whom(the right whoms).So…would you be interested in hearing more? Do you want to? Are you feeling it,just a little bit ?

Love to you


You can still have fun even if you are working and I’m sure you will. You take fun with you everywhere you go. I need some coaching from you. I don’t know how to approach it or what questions to ask. Maybe we could talk about it sometime???


We loved meeting your friend in Berlin and had so much fun. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness and for my book! I love it and can’t thank you enough for your affirmations and prayers for my public speaking engagement at the big event – it went GREAT!!

Thank you, thank you, a million thank you’s and here’s to 2012 – may it be the VERY BEST YEAR YET!!

With love and gratitude.


You continue to inspire and uplift us all with your radio show. You are loved.

Diana Gilchrist

Thank you so much for last night’s prayer session Beverly, I’m feeling much more optimistic this morning.

S. W.

I also enjoyed spending time with you and getting to know you better. I know you new life venture will be successful because of who and what you are.  You are a remarkable person with so many sparkling qualities, a caring/thoughtful character, and a twisty, fun sense of humor.  I really like you.  Take care.


That show was great! Just listened to it during my afternoon “moment of zen” time. Your show is rapidly becoming one of my favorite things!


Thank you! This is wonderful! and your prayer worked! It went great! even though I was wreck leading up to the time before I got to Dallas…:)

I will keep people in mind and many thanks for everything.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

xo Elise


Beverly Molander is an amazing woman with an incredible giving heart. Please check out her archived broadcasts. You will be blessed!

Elise Ballard

Thanks for having me on your radio show today Beverly! And extra big thanks for your beautiful affirmative prayer! I need it! On my way to Dallas tomorrow and don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight as I get ready for everything. :) Many thanks and have a beautiful holiday season. xoxo

J.t. Justin Thomas Arbuthnot

It was awesome Beverly. Thank you for providing this service. Love the calls and the support

What a wonderful experience I just had with Beverly on her weekly affirmation prayer call in. I just got a “zip zap” of Yes I Can! Magic Passion Love & Beverly! Txs.4.sharing your gifts ;) JM

Joanne Morton

Very grateful for knowing others who share Magic Passion Love in their own Unique way…had great affirmation call with Beverly tonite & tomorrow I get to share gratitude with Joanna – check it out!


Hey, it was GREAT. You are great!!
I really enjoyed tonight’s call. I am already your friend on Facebook. Please add me to your email list.
Keep me abreast of what is going on at Ken’s church. Good idea to wait 24 hours before responding by “going off” on people. I am going to start practicing that for sure. FLF


Re your show: I listened to the one with Kathy Hearn. Loved it. And I really enjoyed your treatment for “Alan!!!” I’m enjoying my life as a single person and also enjoying the notion of a special person, coming into my life, too. It helped me imagine my future beloved! :-)

Love & Thanks,

Mary D.

The show was so wonderful, Beverly! I am so happy I wasn’t busy working or out of town & could go tune in, live.
I am going through one of those “clusters of changes” & am so grateful for the support & encouragement
and some tools I can really use to keep me in a positive space while I’m letting go & moving through to what I know
is an even BETTER place! The show was not only super interesting, I really did have a whole different mindset,
walking out, after listening. Just what I needed, listening to your show gave me more than I could’ve imagined!
And the cool part is, as we know, it didn’t just help me…I inevitably spread all that positive, loving energy to everyone I
come in contact with…& I can feel it!
And your mind treatment for the young lady in Germany helped me alot. I’ve been feeling lonely, too. So I just absorbed all you said right up as if you were saying it especially for me.

Thank you so much, Beverly!!! :)

Tamara Jussila Os Teräntö

o Hello Beverly!
I am here in Finland listening to Unity fm radio every morning before I go to work. Your show is very inspiring! Thank you for it! I wish I could go to Unity Church!! I really feel that way! Maybe some day it is possible. Blessings♥!! TJOT

Bruce W.C. Ellis, MBA, PhD

Hi Rev. Bev!

Just wanted you to know that I am in Singapore on a business trip. Although I usually listen to your show while at home in Naples, Florida, I am listening an archived show about Daniel Nahmod on my ipod, sitting at a café on the beach in Changi Village, overlooking Pulau Ubin Island. It is so good to know that whenever I want to Activate my own Power of YES I can tune you in! Fantastic ! BE