Techno Smothered?

Have you heard the story about the Frog in the Pot? If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turn the heat up, the frog won’t even react. He will simply adjust to the pain and won’t realize that he is gradually getting boiled to death.
I’ve been noticing that my tech savvy friends and I are slowly getting smothered with information — too many emails, newsletters, blogs, eBooks, e-courses, offers for free downloads, discounted daily deals. One friend who is curious about everything has 16,000 (and growing) emails in his inbox; and he can hardly breathe life into his current projects – important items get lost in the techno sludge.
Just like those hoarders we are horrified to watch on, TV, we are sitting on top of too much information. All of the sudden we can’t find a thing. Brain freeze. How can we Activate the Power of Yes when we are stuck? Get unstuck.
Here are some good ways to spring clean your inbox. Every email program is a little different, so take time to find out how to do the following –a YouTube can probably show you how to do it. This will set your soul free and clear the cobwebs of your mind:
Pick a date. Go back six months or a year and delete everything from that date back. If you find you need something from back that far you can always ask someone to resend it later.
Are you still receiving emails from groups with which you are no longer active? Take one hour of downtime (watching NCIS reruns) and unsubscribe to groups that no longer resonate with you – the athletic club you no longer belong to, newsletters on topics of a project long gone, recipe clubs, political diatribes that bring you down, retail sale notices, Daily Deals.
If you subscribed to newsletters of a friend or associate and don’t want to hurt their feelings by unsubscribing, assign them to your junk mail folder. Your friend won’t know you did it and you can glance at what they are writing about before you delete completely.
From this point forward, just say NO. Stop signing up in the first place.
Ah, now you can breathe freely into your new activated life – and you didn’t even need to have a yard sale to get rid of your old stuff!

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