Start All Over Again

What a relief to be writing again. The household task of clearing out my bedroom of everything but furniture and then painting the walls and crown molding with my son was all consuming for a while. I even cleared out the closet that hadn’t been emptied for possibly 15 years. Yesterday, the bathroom was painted and things can get put together again. Just as I was writing that I discovered the metaphor.

Sometimes it is all we can do to take everything apart – go into the deepest darkest parts of our lives and wrench everything out. I had forgotten the significance of many things I found. Some brought back memories, good and not so good. There was dust and cat fur and a general sheen of avoidance in the corners and on the top shelf of the closet. I just hadn’t gotten around to letting go and tidying up. Now, items have been shed and shred, given to Good Will or cleaned and passed the test that they stick around for a while longer.Beverly Molander 091510_0632

Isn’t that the way with people, too? How many old lives have I recently discovered lurking in the corners of my mind? Just as I am no longer the college student, the twenties something party girl, the mother of a baby or toddler, the wife, or the career woman, neither are the friends from those times the same as they were.

We have all moved on. Some still fit into our lives today…others need to be discarded or released so that there is room for the new. After all, we may not fit their lives very well today, either. Just as in dismantling my bedroom, I realized that it’s time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. It’s just one more way of Activating the Power of YES. What’s next? What’s new?

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