Letting go, Activating The Power Of Yes

I Am Activating the Power of Yes in with my imagination today! Dave and I have been writing our book on Heartfelt

Memorial Services for a long time, gathering huge amounts of materials and resources along the way. Recently

we have hired a publicist who is helping us streamline our target readers and a book designer who will work on

the cover and the inside of the book. On Friday an expert helped us re-organize and delete some of our computer

files and folders (like 30+ drafts of the book). It was painful to let go of items that required so much work. This

morning I had a profound visualization….that Dave and I have taken out and stacked our boxes of treasured items

by the side of the road, but as we go on the next leg of our journey we can only take whatever items can fit into

our vehicle…and we leave the rest behind…That’s exactly the kind of process that we have been going through -

- releasing what we no longer need so that we have room for what’s next. We are no longer researching for our

book; we are getting it published. Letting go helps Activate the Power of Yes for your next great adventure — Do it


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