Lesson Learned

At first glance, Thor was everything a girl could want – flashy, breath-taking and cute, great vibes, revved up and ready to go.  We were quite a pair — sun roof open, breezing along the highways and byways without a care in the world.

Then, all of the sudden, things started to fall apart. He stranded me on a mountain road and a girlfriend had to pick me up. I had to pay the bills for him when we were out of town, and when I got back the expenses started mounting up even more. Soon he started sputtering, as if I were to blame. I ignored all of his warning signs, and then the heavy maintenance really started to fall on my shoulders – I was throwing time and money away in hopes that the situation would turn around in time for the next trip out of town. We went to the mountains where I had a speaking engagement, but as soon as we got there he started blowing smoke in my face and calling attention to himself from anyone who was willing to watch.

That’s when my faith in the relationship started to crack. When we got home I tried to salvage what was left – more money and more time funneling into the black hole of what might have been. I just couldn’t go on that way.  After I packed up my stuff to leave him behind and go on with the rest of my life, I looked over my shoulder and gave him one parting glance with words that sounded like a Nashville country song, “You done me wrong and I ain’t gonna take it no more.”

Thor was slick and shiny – this girl’s one-time heart’s desire.  But this time I’m ready for a solid, grounded, low maintenance car.  I’m gonna name him Johnny Be Good.

Sometimes we have to say “NO MORE” before we can Activate the Power of YES.

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