How Fortuitous!

How fortuitous!

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary,  ‘coincidence’ is the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection.

The dictionary defines ‘fortuitous’ as also occurring by chance, only in a fortunate, or lucky, way.

Fortuitous is a “lucky” occurrence of events.  Or is it?  There has been an argument that “there is no such thing as coincidence” – that somehow your God or spirit or guides led you into this happenstance.

Having fortuitous circumstances occur may not require an outside source to make it happen.  We can usually Activate the Power of activate the power of yesYes by using our intuition and acting on what we think, see or feel. Intuition can also mean following your gut instinct or using your peripheral vision to notice what is going on.

This week I noticed Georgia clay ant hills springing up all over the front yard and wondered if an invasion was taking place. I looked up and there was the neighbor’s lawn service, right across the street.  I asked the man to come over and take a look. He reassured me that these were worm holes, nothing to worry about – as a matter of fact they were helping to break up the earth…a good thing for spring rains to come.

And how fortuitous when the guest for Monday’s Activating the Power of YES  radio show emailed at 2:43 a.m. to cancel because of a crisis.  I got the message at 9 a.m. and my show aired live at 1 p.m. – yikes! My gut instinct told me that this was a chance to turn lemons into lemonade. I had been at the hospital with a good friend who had a kidney transplant over the weekend and was very high on the experience of seeing her start to look robust, just hours after the operation.  I found a guest to talk about organ transplantation – a fresh subject that was near and dear to my heart.

Fortuitous timing can only be “lucky” if we notice it in the first place; and then take advantage of it.

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