Here and Gone

4:30ish a.m.
What sort of life change is taking place with me right now? The past month has been big. My son graduated from University of South Florida in Tampa and started a full time job there. I just completed a yard sale that did what I wanted it to do – it helped me clean out my condo and the cobwebs of my mind. I sold a big dining table and four chairs, a white leather sofa, a big camel colored stuffed leather chair and ottoman, a big chest of drawers, clothing ,and (this is a good feeling) I don’t remember what else. Dave set up six big tables and a long horizontal ladder for us and folks just kept showing up.
One lady, down on her luck, walked up after the sale looking for a bed or even a mattress. She had shelter, but was sleeping on a wood floor. Dave remembered the long forgotten mattress on the top of my son’s loft/bunk bed and got it down for the woman to pick up later. I put together sheets and a pillow and put in a bag next to the mattress for her, along with an angel figurine that belonged to a girlfriend who passed away and left in the bag…a sort of talisman of hope. Having just the right thing to give to that lady was the pièce de résistance of the whole day.
Now, after a day of recovering from the big event, I am sitting with the aftermath and the emptiness. I have basically gained a nearly empty bedroom, living room and hall. How does this impact my ministry, my art, my relationships? Do I want to transform my living room into an art studio or meeting space? Or both? Do I want to rent out my bedrooms for long weekends in this popular part of town? What is my next step? I don’t know. Blank slate. Empty palette.
Hmmm. This writing feels subdued and rather flat…similar to the calm way I am feeling right now. For now I am content to sit in the stillness. Listen to the birds. And let the morning break in its own good time.

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