From Confusing Chaos to a Serene Sense of Order

As I look around it appears that my life is still a “work in progress,” with projects unfolding and moving slowly towards completion – they are jamming up all around me. As I am going with the flow of my life it feels like I am carrying some flotsam and jetsam along with me. Day to day, the same old projects sluggishly follow me wherever I go. Soon my mind feels as cluttered as the rest of my life. Heeeeelp. How can I keep from drowning in my own debris?

One Day at a Time. First Things First. Those bumper stickers have come to my rescue more than once.

First I create order – off the floor…in stacks or piles…recycling bin at the ready, waiting to be filled and filled again.

Then, like-with-like — Work projects, here. Book project, here. Artwork and paraphernalia, here. Scissors, here. Hardware and tools, here. Ommmm. Already finding a sense of calm.

I am noticing that many of the printouts I have from my book drafts are no longer needed – I am way beyond that now. The stacked up mail? When I open the envelopes I see that one quarter of it is important and the rest can be recycled.

Books and magazines – I can pass on — who would enjoy them now…?

My ears have stopped ringing with numb confusion.

There is space – in my home and in my mind. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

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