Free Initial Spiritual Consulting Session

Each week I set aside a few time slots for initial spiritual and coaching sessions.  

For new individuals or organizations, we can use this 1/2 hour session to give you the chance to state an issue or situation you have in your life right now, and get from me another, higher view of the situation and an unconditional affirmative prayer about the situation.

Together, we know something better about it.

The only thing I ask is that if we agree we are a good match, that together we’re better and stronger than alone, you open your heart, and open your mind to the idea of working with me as your coach and counselor.

This FREE 1/2 hour offer is a very limited program, so before we have our session let’s talk and see if the chemistry is there, if we’re a match for a coach/spiritual counselor/client relationship.

We are standing on hallowed ground, and together we can know something stronger, a ‘truth’ that is better and more powerful.

Please contact me by email at or by using the form on the CONTACT page of this website.