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Letting go, Activating The Power Of Yes

I Am Activating the Power of Yes in with my imagination today! Dave and I have been writing our book on Heartfelt Memorial Services for a long time, gathering huge amounts of materials and resources along the way. Recently we have hired a publicist who is helping us streamline our target readers and a book [...]

Alice Teeter’s poem, “Say Yes,” in its entirety

Say Yes Say Yes Step off into this unknown Into this marvelous and terrible Yes Yes to unknowing, Yes Fling your arms wide to Yes Be light and say Yes Say Yes softly in a whisper Float on Yes Carry Yes like a feather you find floating That the wind will take away Blow Yes [...]

Things Will Get Better

Yesterday I was working on my computer and heard a ruckus outside, so I peered out the window. Here, in my sweet Intown Atlanta neighborhood, were two twenty-something girls in the middle of a giant fight. One girl was driving slowly, windows open, and the other girl was leaning into the car. Both were hurling [...]