Have been trying to get back to sleep since 3:05 a.m. and now I’m up for good at 6:55 on a Sunday morning. Seasons are changing…too cool or too warm to sleep. Thinking about a friend’s death and the partner left behind, someone’s birthday coming up, people I know around the globe, new food I’m trying for the cats, a friend of my son’s who graduated from Tulane where Stevie Wonder was honored for his work with Hurricane Katrina, the sounds of squirrels hunkering down in my attic….and oh, did I mention the new radio show I am starting tomorrow Monday on As much as I ommmmm and meditate and use affirmative prayer and know many ways how to calm myself, the anticipation of this new venture has got me going.
I can appreciate this Wikipedia definition: Anticipation, or being enthusiastic, is an emotion involving pleasure, excitement and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event.
I have been anticipating this radio show for quite a while, and although I’ve had a radio show before it was tiny in comparison of the potential for this show. My message, Affirmative Prayer: Activating the Power of YES, has the potential to make a huge difference in the way people look at their lives. I am so activated by the pure raw energy of the phrase Activating the Power of YES that I almost feel a surge of electricity coursing through my body. Because is on the web, people from all over the world can have access to the show; and I can have callers from every country.
I also have to admit to this baser thought. Wiki goes on: Stage fright is a type of anticipation, stemming from the actor or actress hoping that they perform well. While the paragraph above is about a goal that is greater than myself, this paragraph is all about a shallower context – how will I appear to others? All of the sudden, this beautiful show concept becomes a showcase for my strengths and flaws. How boring.
Ralph Waldo Emerson admonishes, “Get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits.” Thanks, for that knock upside of the head, Ralph. The Power of YES comes from Divine Circuits, and I am a conduit for this good. I relax, I let this be so, and so it is.

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