Alice Teeter’s poem, “Say Yes,” in its entirety

Say Yes
Say Yes
Step off into this unknown
Into this marvelous and terrible Yes
Yes to unknowing, Yes
Fling your arms wide to Yes
Be light and say Yes
Say Yes softly in a whisper
Float on Yes
Carry Yes like a feather you find floating
That the wind will take away
Blow Yes like a dandelion seed
Scatter it to the winds
And me, I say Yes waiting for your Yes
Leaning in and watching for it floating down
A maple seed on the breeze spiraling
Wisps of white floating across my field of vision
My ears are listening for that whisper
You are standing on the sweet spot of the stage
Your voice will carry for eons and leagues
In your softest song say Yes to me
I hear you from this thousand miles away
From When it happens to you…, poems by Alice Teeter

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