Activating the Power of YES


It’s a verb that means to make active, set in motion, set off, turn on, trigger, start, get going, stimulate, galvanize, initiate, motivate. This word is about an action that helps to release another action.

“How can I tell if I’m Activating the Power of YES?”

  • You have a sense of mounting excitement for the unknown, coming right around the corner
  • Your eyes get brighter and wider; and you start nodding your head
  • You feel like you’re walking on air, being propelled in a certain direction
  • You are ready and willing to make a U-turn, turn on your heel, take another route, open another door
  • Or you are just going with the flow…not fighting anything…just letting it be

This is a spiritual (and scientific) law:

What we put in motion stays in motion.
What we put to rest stays at rest.

“What can I use to Activate the Power of YES?”

  • Life-changing decisions that we all make, like leaving home on a Greyhound bus with a big suitcase — heading for the big city
  • A decision made for us, like divorce papers coldly served in the mail
  • Flunking a college course and deciding to change to a more suitable major
  • Breaking up or making up with a long time partner
  • Breaking off friendships that drain you and bring you down
  • Meeting a soul mate; making new friends
  • Getting a new job; adopting a child, inviting in a foster kid
  • Saying, “I’m not gonna take it no more” (what first looks like NO is really YES)


How many ways can you Activate the Power of YES?

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Activating The Power Of Yes Will Transform Your Life

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